Nandadevi east base camp trek


Nandadevi east base camp trek

Trip Facts

Trip length: 21 days
Grade: soft to Moderate
Starts in: ex Delhi Airport
Ends in: ex Delhi Airport
Accommodation: Hotel & Lodge Home stay , Tent
Transportation: Ex Delhi international Airport
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the Trekking
Maximum altitude: 4150 M
Trek length: 20night/21days

Itinerary in brief

Day 01: Arrival Delhi
Day 02: Delhi - Kathgodam (300 kms by train)
Day 03: Kathgodam - Almora - Munsyari (2290 mts/7512 ft) 300 kms/8-9 hrs
Day 04: Munsyari - Lilam (1850 m/6068 ft) (14 kms/ 5-6 hrs)
Day 05: Lilam - Bugdiar (2500 mts/8200 ft) (12 kms/5-6 hrs)
Day 06: Bugdiar- Martoli (3430 mts/11250 ft) (14 kms/5-6 hrs)
Day 07: Martoli - Milam (3450 m/11316 ft) (11kms/5-6 hrs)
Day 08: Milam - Milam Glacier - Milam (6 kms /3-4 hrs)
Day 09: Milam - Martoli
Day 10: Martoli - Lwani (13 kms/5-6 hrs)
Day 11: Lwani-Nanda Devi East Base Camp (4150 m/13612 ft) (13kms/5-6 hrs
Day 12: Nanda Devi East Base Camp – Nanda Devi East (3 kms one side/3-4 hrs)
Day 13: Nanda Devi East Base Camp - Martoli (3430 m/11250 ft) (14 kms/5-6 hrs)
Day 14: Martoli-Tola Village (3100 m/10200 ft) (12 kms/4-5 hrs)
Day 15: Tola Village to Brij Ganga Pass Base Camp (14500 ft.) (10 kms. / 5-6 hrs.)
Day 16: Base camp to Cross the Pass (16200 ft.) to Ralam Village (13000 ft.) (14 kms. / 6-7 kms.)
Day 17: Ralam village to Damphu (13 kms. / 5-6 hrs.)
Day 18: Damphu to Lingurani (12 kms. / 5-6 hrs.)
Day 19: Lingurani to Paton Village (14 kms. / 6-7 hrs.)
Day 20: Paton village to Munsyari (2290 m/7512 ft) (18 kms. / 6-7 hrs.)
Day 21: Munsyari Kathgodam
Day 22: Kathgodam to Delhi


Price Includes:
1. Accommodation: Hotel in Delhi , Kathgodam, Munsyari on twin sharing basis with breakfast Dinner /lunch . While on trek we will provide you Dome/Alpine/High Altitude tents on twin sharingbasis. Camping mattresses, kitchen tent, dining tent, camping stool, camping table etc would be provided.
2.Transport: Ex Delhi International Airport
3. Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, evening tea. Dinner,. Meals will be freshly prepared and will be a mix of Indian, Chinese & Continental.
4. Porter and mules: For carrying camping equipment, rations, vegetables and some amount of personal gear of the clients (one bag not weighing more than 10 kgs).
5. Professional local trekking guide and kitchen staff would accompany the group
6. Trekking Fee
7. Camping charges
We will show you a special video documenteries / film each required various tours.
A special gift: throught the Company "HIMALAYAN SNOW RUNNER"
Price Excludes:
01- Travel Insurance (this is a mandatory condition of booking).
02- Medical evacuation in case of emergency.
03- Personal nature or any donation.
04- All types of bar bill.
05- Any drinks, tips for the guide and porter etc.

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