Panpatia glacier trek


Panpatia col trek

The trek to Panpatia Col starts from Badrinath. The trek route first heads towards Dumkal Kharak and then turns to Nilkanth Khal (altitude of 4,650 mtr). Next stretch of the trek leads to the snout of Panpatia Glacier and then the glaciated route further climbs towards Panpatia plateau. After crossing Panpatia Col, the trail leads to Maidagala Tal. The downhill trek continues to Madmaheswar. It then leads to Ransi from where you could reach Rishikesh.

Trip Facts

Trip length: 15 days
Grade: soft to Moderate
Starts in: ex Delhi Airport
Ends in: ex Delhi Airport
Accommodation: Hotel & Lodge Home stay , Tent
Transportation: Ex Delhi international Airport
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the Trekking
Maximum altitude: 5260 M
Trek length: 20night/21days

Itinerary in brief

Day 1- New Delhi to Haridwar
Day 2 - Haridwar to Joshimath
Day 3 - Joshimath to Badrinath
Day 4 - Badrinath to Khiron Village
Day 5 - Khiron Village to Kheer Ganga Snout Camp
Day 6 -Kheer ganga Snout Camp to Moraine Camp
Day 7 - Full day rest
Day 8 - Moraine Camp to Base of Parvati Col
Day 9 - Base of Parvati Col to Panpatia Snowfield Camp
Day 10 - Camp 1 to across Panpatia Col (5260 M) To Camp at Sujal Sarovar (4750 M)
Day 11 - Sujal Sarovar to Kachni
Day 12 - Kachni to Nanu Chatti
Day 13 - Nanu Chatti to Ransi and then drive to Rudraprayag
Day 14 - Rudraprayag to Haridwar
Day 15 - Haridwar to New Delhi

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