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Satopanth lake with its crystal clear emerald waters is as situated at a height of 4,402 mtr above sea level. It is triangular in shape and has a perimeter of 1 kilometre.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva- the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of the universe, are belived to be meditating at the three corners of this lake. The lake,an earthly replica of the Kshir-sagar (sea of milk), is set in the midst of yawning glaciers and towering peaks.One is over - whelmed and held spellbound to see the entire surroundings providing the rare combination of " Divine Trinity " and uparalleled splendor of nature. On the day of Ekadashi, it is that Lord Vishnu takes a holy bath in the lake and for this reason, visits to Satopanth on these days are felt to be most auspicious and rewarding.

The journey from Vasudhara Falls to Satopanth is full of unexpected seneries and natural haserds. Visitors are advised to plan this trip properly. It may be necessary to carry provisions and engage a team of helpers and guide and also take along with some preventive medicines.

Satopanth Lake is 25 km from Sri Badrinath and 4 km from Chakratirth.

Badrinath - Vasudhara Falls Trek

With the backdrop of snow peaked mountains and glaciers and set in the area of rockey heights,the 122 mtr.high vasudhara falls, is indeed a captivat ing sight.As the torrents of water come tumbling down,they are caught by the wind and diffused in fine showers and soft puffs.It is sometimes believed that the column of fine puffs swings out to receive the good and eighteous,and swings away from the unrighteous and unholy.But this version need not be taken seriously if the column swings away from you,because it could just be that the wind drifts it that away.

The Vasudhara falls are 8 km from Badrinath and 5 km from Mana village. Close to the falls are a series of named and unnamed peaks.Prominent amoung them are Chaukhamba, Satopanth and Balkun. From here,one can see the vast moraines and the Alakapuri glacier, and also the glacial snouts from where Alaknanda emerges.

Trek to Satopanth lake - Satopanth lake - Laxmivan

Laxmivan - Where Goddess Laxmi Meditated


From Dev Darshani onwards the land is barren and bare,until one is pleasantly surprised by a dense forest of Bhoj-Patra (Betula-Utilis) trees,with their pale green leaves,set in the midst of rocky heights at ta place known as Laxmivan.

It is so named because it is said that the Goddess Laxmi meditated here. The Bhoj-Patra growsat heights above 3,350 mtr and in ancient times its bank was used as writing paper. Bhojbasa on the Gangotri-Gaumukh route has the same geographical features and Bhoj-Patra trees,as Laxmivan on the Satopanth route.

Laxmivan is 12 km from Badrinath and 4 km from Vasudhara Falls.

Alkapuri Glacier-The Source of the Adolescent Alaknanda

Alaknanda Glacier located at the base of the Balkun peak,6067 mtr above sea level,is 15 km from Sri Badrinath and 3 km from Laxmivan and is the abode of Kuber,the yakshas and Gandharbvas.

It spreads into two valleys that lead to Satopanth and Gaumukh. The Narain Parvat almost divides the glacial zones of Alkapuri and Gaumukh. The entire region between Gaumukh and Alkapuri is a glacial plateau. From the north of this plateau,emerges the Bhagirathi and from the south east the Alaknanda flowing out in different directions. It is said in the Skand Purana that the Ganga, on the Sumeru Parvat (Narain Parvat) and flowed out in seven streams-two of which are the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda.

The Alaknanda emerges from as many as five snouts,dotted along as ice and rubble wall, one kilometer wide,which is located between two moraines. Inside the snouts, the stalactites resemble crystal chandeliers suspended above the blue waters. Four of the snouts are wide cave-like openings and the fifth is just a narrow outlet. Born of the Alakapuri Glacier, the Alaknanda after touching the feet of Lord Badrivishal,flows on to Devprayag where it merges with Bhagirathi to form the fabled Ganga.

To the right of the glacier, the Nilkanth Peak and several unnamed peaks can be seen.Further to the north,one can view the Chaukhamba Peak in all its majesty. The entire setting-the fabulous glacier,the cradle born Alaknanda and the glorious snow peaks-are really exalting and blissfully beautiful. Chakratirth

Camping in satopanth lake, trekking Satopanth - Sawargarohini

At Chakratirth,the mountains of Nar and Narain meet and from a lovely circular valley. Icy cold water, which springs out from different sources, flows through the meadows like canals. Legend has it that Arjun acquired the herculean strength of Pashupathashtra needed to defeat the Kauravas, by taking a bath at Chakratirth..

On the other side of Chakratirth,there is a large formation of glaciers which continue on to the Gaumukh snout of the Bhagirathi. The Swargarohan Peak is clearly visible here. Chakratirth is 21 km from Sri Badrinath and 9 km from Laxmivan.

Satopanth Lake- The lake of the Divine Trinity

The swargarohan Mountain-The Stairway to heaven

AThis is a fabled mountain made up of seven steps of snow. It is belived that the Pandavas, after visiting Badrinath, ascended to Heaven by clim bing this stairway, and for that reason the mountain feature is known as Swargarohan-ascent to heaven.

The puranic story has enough relevance to facts whatsoever. It is difficult to say that the Pandavas really ascended these steps and went to Heaven from here. But what may have happened is that the Pandavas may have come up to this point and shed off their earthly bodies at this spot which in itself is heavenly enough. If there is a heaven beyond us, it cannot be more beautiful than Swargarohan.

The route to Swargarohan is though the glacial ice and the trek can become quite tedious and risky. Enroute there are small pools of water known as Som Kund, Vishnu Kund and Surya Kund. A visit to Swargarohan is not advisable without proper planning, local helpers and adequate arrangements.





Month Group1 Group2 Group3 Group4
Satopanth lake trek in June 2016 5th to 10th 12th to 17th 19th to 24rd 26th to 1st July
Satopanth lake trek in July 2016 3rd to 8th 10th to 15th 17th to 22nd 24th to 29th
Satopanth lake trek in August 2016 7th to12th 14th to 19th 21st to 26th 28th to 2nd Sep
Satopanth lake trek in September 2016 4th to 9th 11th to 16th 18th to 23rd 25th to 30th

( SATOPANTH YATRA - The lake of divinity )


Badrinath Satopanth lake yatra With its crystal clear green water situated a height of 4,402M the triangular lake has a perimeter of one kilometer .on its three corners meditated the holy Trio-Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh(shiva) and still do,it is believed - the creater, preserver and Destroyer charting out the course of the world. The lake , the representation, on earth,of the Kshirsagar is set in the midst of yawning glaciers with a splendor undreamt by men, with the presence of the divine trinity and the smear magnificence of the setting one is left completely overwhelmed, On the holy day ekadashi, Hindus believe that lord Vishnu himself, takes a bath in the lake . to this lake . it is only the place where all these gods are present all together , the presence of " divine trinity " at this place makes it a sacred place of worship for the Hindu devotees . Bathing in this on the 11 days of the solar and lunar fortnights is considered most auspicious. Many devout pilgrims visit this lake on this every day.

Badrinath / satopanth lake trek (General Information)

Location Altitude Base Camp Climate Beliefs Season Clothing
North India Satopanth (4465m) above the Sea level Joshimath above Sea level. Unpredictable Max 20 degree C to Min. -12 degree Celsius Hindu, Garhwali Late may to Early November. Heavy woolen and clothing meant for mountaineering

Trip facts

Duration: 05 nights /06days, Valley of flowers Trek - 2016

Badrinath / satopanth lake trek (General Information)

Trip length Grade Starts in Ends in Accommodation Transportation Meals Maximum altitude
06 Night Moderate Joshimat. Joshimat. Tent Joshimath to Badrinath Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the Trekking 4465M Satopanth

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Itinerary Satopanth Lake Trek

Duration: 05 nights /06days, Valley of flowers Trek - 2016

  • Day1 - Itinerary Satopanth Lake Trek    Upon arrival at Joshimath, met our representative and transfer to the Himalayan Abode . Arrive & check in at the hotel. Evening free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight stay at Himalayan abode home stay :

  • Day2 - Badrinath - Jhamtoli (3640m)    Morning after break fast trek to Jhamtoli {8km}with pack lunch,dinner and over night stay at camp,

  • Day3 : Jhamtoli to Chakratirtha (4240m- 7km trek)   Morning after brak fast trek up to Chakartirtha ,there is large formation of glaciers which continue on to the Gaumukh snout of the Bhagirathi ,dinner and over night stay at Camp

  • Day4 -Chakratirtha to Satopanth lake ( 4465M /5-6Km trek )  5km trek to satopanth trek to satopanth lake Satopanth lake is a three cornered lake with icy cold, crystal clear , emerald waters with a circumference of about 1km, it is situated at an elevation of 4465m above sea leave. It is known the world over for its strange beauty and serene heavenly like pleasant surrounding.

  • Day5 - Satopanth lake to Laxmivan (3650m )   Morning after pooja ,aarti , trek back to laxmi van ,

  • Day6 - Laxmi van to Badrinath -- Joshimath (9km trek 4/5hr )   Morning early breakfast and trek down to Badrinath , Dinner & over night at Joshimath. our privet vehicle will await our arrival to drive us back to Himalayan Abode Joshimath(39km -2hr drive )

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1.All land transfers and back as per itinerary.

2. 05 night accommodation as per itinerary on double sharing basis .

3. All meals (06 Breakfast, 06 Lunch, and 06 Dinner) for the trip duration as per itinerary.

4. Entry fee for Satopanth lake trek as applicable.

5. Fully escorted trek with fluent English speaking license-holder local trekking guide (one guide for upto 9 pax).

6. All taxes


1. Travel Insurance or any other kind of insurance(Trekkers are advised to obtain applicable insurance on their own).

2. Costs and expenses for medical treatment in case of evacuation or in case of any medical condition or emergency or otherwise for any reason.

3. Any accommodation, travel or transport outside of the above itinerary for any reason.

4. Single supplement or request for accommodation on twin sharing basis will be charged extra.

5. Hire charges for mules if hired by trekkers for personal luggage or personal ride.

7. Meals other than B,L,D as indicated in the itinerary or charges for mineral water, other beverages or drinks.

8. Any expense of personal nature or any gifts, tips or donations.

9. Any drinks, tips for the guide and porter etc.

10. Any other cost or expense which is not specifically included in the price inclusion.

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